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VI Rajasthan Science Congress, 13-15 Oct. 2018
Organized by: Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India
Theme: Innovation in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

How to reach Central University of Rajasthan

One can reach the Central University of Rajasthan through air, rail and road routes via three main locations viz. Jaipur, Ajmer or Kishangarh. The nearest airport to the University is in Jaipur, the capital of the state. Jaipur is situated approximately 80 Km away to the university connected via Jaipur-Ajmer highway NH-8. The other major city near our campus is Ajmer, situated ~50 Km away and this one also connected via NH-8. One can reach Jaipur or Ajmer via train or state run roadways normal or Volvo buses.
In between Ajmer and university campus, on NH-8, is situated a town Kishangarh, a famous trade centre of country’s best marble stone. This town has a railway station where many trains are frequented from Jaipur, Ajmer and other major cities of the country. Kishangarh railway station is the nearest to the University. One can reach Kishangarh using railway or bus route.

From Jaipur to University: One can reach Jaipur via rail, air and road route. From Jaipur airport or railway station one can take a taxi or an auto and reach either RSRTC bus stand or ‘Dosau Feet Chauraha’ and board a bus going to Ajmer. Get a ticket till Bandarsindri (~Rs 100) and get down at Bandarsindri bus stop. From bandarsindri one can avail the pickup service of university. One may also take a taxi directly from the airport or the railway station to reach the university (~Rs 2200).

From Ajmer to University: one can reach Ajmer by train or bus. From railway station, take an auto to reach the RSRTC bus stand and board a bus going to Jaipur. Get down at Badarsindri bus stop. From there take university van service to reach the campus. One may also hire a taxi directly from the railway station up to University (Rs. 1500).

From Kishangarh to University: From Kishangarh railway station or Bus Stand, take either a direct auto to the university which will cost Rs.350 or get down at Kishangarh Bus Stand. Board a bus going to Jaipur and get down at Bandarsindri bust stop. From there take university van service to reach the campus.

Location Map of CURAJ