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VI Rajasthan Science Congress, 13-15 Oct. 2018
Organized by: Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan, India
Theme: Innovation in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
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Rajasthan Science Congress Association (RSCA)

The Rajasthan Science Congress Association announced the name of Central University of Rajasthan as the successive host to organize the VI Rajasthan Science Congress-2018 (RSC-2018) during the closing ceremony of the fifth RSC-2017 organized by Amity University Rajasthan. RSCA was formed as voluntary/non-government organization of scientists, educators and teachers for promoting research and development of all forms of science and technology in the state of Rajasthan under patronage of Vagyanik Dristicon Society (VDS). The VDS has been recognized by National Council of Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Government of India. The RSCA promotes scientific temper and awareness among the masses aimed at building a society ready for scientific, technological innovation led development in the state of Rajasthan. The scientific fraternity of Rajasthan has keenly taken up this mission of RSCA of promoting science and innovation for a sustainable future.

Aims & Objectives

The congress aims to provide a common platform to the scientific community, participating from diverse fields to interact with researchers from their own fields and from other disciplines to strengthen their participatory network nationally and internationally. This will be an opportunity for all to share and exchange progress and information in diverse fields of research. This will help generate a conscious thought process among the scientific community towards making collective efforts to find scientific and technological solutions to standing challenges as well as to make the daily life of the common citizen more comfortable. The budding academicians and researchers will become acquainted with the current issues of the land, the efforts being made by scientists to solve them and the new discoveries in the field of science and technology though various seminars those will be presented during the science congress. This event is a fair of thoughts, ideas and knowledge spread across diverse fields. Every participant of this mega ceremony of science will benefit in terms of enhanced understanding and applicability of science and technology at much deeper level.